iOS 12: Beta 11 released for developers and public testers

Updated 08/27/18: Apple has released iOS 12 beta 11 for developers and public testers (where it’s called Public Beta 9). 

Apple both sets trends and chases them, and iOS 12, unveiled Monday at the WWDC keynote, is no exception. With this release, Apple is focusing on performance improvements and enhancements, even for older devices. The company is also making important changes to augmented reality that will enable new experiences; improving Siri, FaceTime, and the Photos app to catch up to the competition; and adding new features like personalized Memoji and weekly reports about how you’re using your device.

iOS 12 will be a free update for all users this fall, and it’s supported by every device that runs iOS 11, all the way back to the iPhone 5s released in 2013. Here’s a rundown of the biggest improvements in iOS 12.

Developer beta 11, public beta 9 released

Apple has released iOS 12 beta 11 to developers and public beta testers. For the public testers, it is called Public Beta 9, but it is the same software build as the developer beta 11.

We’re nearing the end of the iOS 12 development cycle, so beta release timings are coming more erratic and unpredictable, with fewer changes. We don’t expect any more significant user-facing changes at this point, only bug fixes.

If you want to run the beta software on your iPhone or iPad, head to using the device on which you want to run the beta software. You can enroll in the beta test there using your Apple ID, and download a special profile that will allow your iPhone or iPad to download beta releases over the air. After that, new beta releases will be delivered just as regular iOS updates are: You’ll get a notification when a new update is ready, and can check manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Registered developers can get earlier developer betas by logging in to the Developer download site.

Should you run the iOS 12 beta? We try to answer that question here.