iPhone 2019 rumors: Another report claims 3D Touch will be absent from all 2019 iPhones

What’s in store for the new iPhone in 2019? We won’t officially know until the fall (most likely in September), but until then, you can bet that the rumor mill will be fully operational. This page will keep track of what’s being rumored as new features of the 2019 iPhones, and we’ll provide some analysis and whether or not a rumor seems feasible.

Updated 07/09/19: Digitimes, in an article about expected sales of touch sensor suppliers, claims that Apple may remove 3D Touch from all 2019 iPhones.

No more 3D Touch

We’ve heard several rumors claiming that 3D Touch will be absent from all 2019 iPhones. The Wall Street Journal predicted as much back in January, and then analysts from Barclays “confirmed” it by talking with suppliers in May. The latest rumor comes from Digitimes in an article about the future sales of touch interface suppliers TPK Holding and General Interface Solution. It says the companies, “may see sales grow in the second half of 2019 though Apple may remove 3D touch sensors from all 2019 iPhone devices, according to industry sources.”

Plausible? 3D Touch has been a fixture of iPhones since its introduction in the iPhone 6s, but is missing from the more affordable iPhone XR. It’s said to be an expensive technology, and difficult to implement on larger displays, which is why we’ve never seen it on iPads.

We can’t help but notice that iOS 13 greatly expands the “Haptic Touch” feature used by the iPhone XR, where users just tap and hold for a second to get a context menu with a little haptic feedback. In the upcoming version of iOS, the most important features of 3D Touch are replicated by Haptic Touch. This makes us think it’s likely that Apple will get rid of this expensive technology that sometimes confuses users, and better unify touch interaction features across all iPhones and iPads.

A look at the logic board

Over on anonymous leaking site Slashleaks, there are a pair of images that claim to show the iPhone XI logic board (six of them, in fact). 

iphone xi slashleaks Slashleaks

The alleged logic board for one of the 2019 iPhone models.

Of course we don’t yet know if any of the phones will be called the iPhone XI, and we don’t know which particular model this is supposed to be a logic board for (there are three rumored models for this year, just as last year). The back side of these logic boards have not yet been printed, and the chips have not yet been bonded to it—we’re just looking at a single side of a mystery printed circuit board.

Plausible? Sure, these could be an iPhone PCB. Of the current models, only the iPhone XR has a rectangular circuit board like this; the iPhone XS and XS Max have L-shaped circuit boards. Therefore, this could be a look at the iPhone XR’s successor, or it could be an indication that the iPhone XS successors will use a rectangular logic board and therefore have a different internal layout. There just isn’t too much we can glean from this without the chips attached.