iPhone 2019 rumors: Three new iPhones to be released in September, according to Bloomberg

What’s in store for the new iPhone in 2019? We won’t officially know until the fall (most likely in September), but until then, you can bet that the rumor mill will be fully operational. This page will keep track of what’s being rumored as new features of the 2019 iPhones, and we’ll provide some analysis and whether or not a rumor seems feasible.

Updated 08/22/19: Bloomberg has a report on the iPhones that will be released in September. The report shares several new minor details about the phones.

Three new iPhones coming in September

Bloomberg has a report on what Apple plans to announce during its September event, which has yet to be announced. According to Bloomberg, the featured products of the event are the “Pro” iPhones that will succeed the iPhone XS and XS Max, as well as a follow-up to the iPhone XR.

The list of the new features on the phones have been spinning through the rumor mill for months. They include the three-sensor camera on the Pro models with improvements to low-light and wide-angle still shots, as well as extensive video recording enhancements; Face ID with a wider field of view; A13 processors; reverse wireless charging; improved water resistance; and an outside matte finish instead of glossy.

Bloomberg also said that 3D Touch will be replaced by Haptic Touch, similar to what’s on the iPhone XR. The successor to the iPhone XR will have a second back camera for optical zoom and enhanced portrait mode.

5G will not be available on the new iPhones. This will be available in 2020.

A smaller Apple Pencil incoming?

File this one under Weird Last-Minute iPhone Rumors. Online retailer Mobile Fun is selling an iPhone 11 Pro case by Olixar with an interesting feature: a slot on the rear of the case for a smaller Apple Pencil. Normally we’d completely dismiss such a odd rumor as ridiculous, but there are a few reasons why we’re lending some credence to this one. For one, it’s already being sold, but more importantly, Mobile Fun has a decent track record of predicting phone designs before launch. Earlier this year, it nailed the Galaxy S10’s hole-punch design, and it was one of first to accurately predict that the Note 10 would be dumping the headphone jack. But this one is certainly going out on a limb. Not only does Olixar think the iPhone 11 Pro will have Apple Pencil support, it also think Apple will be making a shorter Apple Pencil for it.

Plausible: While we wouldn’t be surprised to see this rumor go up in smoke, it’s just crazy enough to be believable. If Apple is actually going to differentiate its flagship iPhone with the “Pro” moniker this year, it’s going to need something other than a bigger screen to justify it. Apple Pencil support would fill that need well, and the current Pencil isn’t exactly iPhone friendly, in that it’s taller than every model. So maybe a smaller Pencil that only works with the iPhone 11 Pro isn’t so crazy.