Macworld reader hot takes on the iPhone SE, the Apple TV app, and more

We’re doing a special edition of the show where we feature your hot takes from the Macworld social media feeds. The hot takes are your reactions to Macworld stories and other happenings in the world of Apple. We’ll share what you wrote, and Leif and I will offer our thoughts.

As a reminder, you can comment or ask questions via Twitter (@macworld), on Facebook, or through email at [email protected]

Here’s how today’s show will work.

  1. We’ll explain the subject at hand. If the hot take is a reaction to the article, we’ll offer a brief summary and the point of view of that article. If the take is a reaction to a recent event, we’ll explain what happened.

  2. We’ll introduce the hot take with the poster’s name and where it was posted, either on Twitter or Facebook.

  3. We’ll read the hot take and then we’ll discuss.

This is episode 651 with Leif Johnson and Roman Loyola.

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Below are the hot takes on the show.

Apple should bring back the iPhone SE

Our first topic and set of hot takes is in reaction to an article we posted about how Apple should use the new Pixel 3a as inspiration for a new iPhone SE-type phone. The Pixels 3a is Google’s new affordable phone, with a starting price of $399.

From @mkguitar and @SAULOCHONAY

macworld podcast 651 sedongle IDG

From Brian McMichael and Gangus Green