Shinola Canfield Pro review: These in-ear headphones deliver stylish looks, but mediocre sound

Detroit-based Shinola is back. The company, whose diverse product portfolio includes watches, leather bags, and audio gear, is expanding its audio portfolio with the Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors (IEM). Shinola says that the Canfield Pro IEMs were developed in conjunction with Campfire Audio.

Top-notch style and build

Like their larger sibling, the Canfield Over-Ear Headphone, the Canfield Pro IEMs display outstanding build quality and exquisite styling. In fact, build quality and styling were the first things that caught my eye when I unboxed and held the Canfield Pro IEM’s for the first time. Even though there’s substantial weight and balance to these headphones, they never felt fatiguing while I wore them.

The cable is a thing of beauty. It’s supple with a smooth nylon braid, making it virtually tangle-free no matter how many times I stuffed the Canfield Pro IEMs in my pocket. Furthering the quality argument, the nylon braid’s entry points are reinforced with heat-shrink rubber.

Speaking of rubber, the ear-loop portion of the cable is coated in rubber to provide a secure fit and feel. I never had any concerns or problems with the headphones coming loose or falling out.

Detail view of the Canfield Pro IEMs with nylon braided, MMCX detachable cable. Theo Nicolakis

A close-up look at Shinola’s Canfield Pro IEMs and their detachable braided-nylon MMCX cable.

The detachable cable conforms to the MMCX (Micro Miniature Coax Connector) standard, so you can use any other compatible MMCX cable. Should the cable fail or wear out, you can replace it. The left and right monitors naturally swivel at the MMCX connector point. That allowed me to make micro adjustments to their fit.

The monitors themselves, the inline remote, and inline microphone are all metal. There’s no cheap plastic here. The left and right monitor portions have alternating brushed and shiny sides, creating a stunning look. The 3.5mm metal jack has an additional rubber strain relief that will help prevent you from accidentally kinking or damaging the cable at the jack’s neck entry point.

The Canfield Pro IEM has a detatchable MMCX cable. Shinola

The Canfield Pro IEM has a detatchable MMCX cable.

The inline remote is simple to use and operate by touch. The protruding volume buttons are large ovals, while the play/pause button is a smaller circle between them. Depressing the controls gives you a confident feel and produces a light click you can hear and feel. Smart controls worked as advertised, including Siri.

I also used the Canfield Pro with several phone calls, and they performed admirably on every call I made.