The sun never rises: Apple’s perpetual doom state

It’s the time of year again where we can look forward to fall when the leaves change and the iPhones fail.

Writing for TheStreet, Annie Gaus asks the tough questions.

“Months from Launch, Is Apple’s iPhone 11 Already Doomed?” (Tip o’ the antlers to Daniel.)

Tough because The Macalope imagines it’s so hard to ask that without bursting out laughing. Or bursting into flames if you’re actually seriously asking that question.

Gaus is well-versed in the “Just askin’!” school of journalism, having asked last summer “Has Apple Lost its Cool Factor?”

Apple is months away from announcing a new lineup of iPhones, but you could be excused for missing it.

As it hasn’t happened yet and will not happen for months.

This time around, Apple fans clamoring for game-changing new features or flourishes are likely to be disappointed.

You know that rectangle that you hold and hardly ever look at because you’re looking at the things happening on the screen of the rectangle? Yeah, that rectangle is still going to be a rectangle.

What a letdown.